How to create ad rotator for website free

You might be familiar with the concept of ad rotator,
Ad rotator automates the rotation of advertisement on your website every
time the visitor reloads or opens up a new page on your website the ad
code changes

Here we will show 2 easy ways to create ad rotators
First one is suitable for those who want to rotate their affiliate links
along with their respective images

Second one will help you rotate your ad codes

You can rotate maximum 10 affiliate links using this website:-

1.To begin firstly collect all your affiliate links along with their
respective images paste them to a notepad or any other editor

2.After you have collected and arranged the links and images goto
thepcmanwebsite-banner rotator

3.Paste their your link alone with image link and input image height and
width in their respective boxes

4.Do the same for all the links

5.when you are done tick open in new tab and click generate

6.Now copy paste the generated ad code to blogger or any other site

7.For blogger goto layout>add gadget>java/html>paste the text in the
second box leave the title blank

8.Finally Save the templete and done


This methord will help you rotate your ad codes

1.Firstly goto bannershack website
signup/register their and verify your email

2.Now goto banner maker

3. And click new rotator from top right

4.Give it a tile choose a size then text/html

6.A box will appear paste your ad code their and click add html

7.Follow the same procedure for adding other banners and click publish

8.Finally click embed>use free and copy paste the code to your site

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