How to check your Cellular signal strength on android phone

Till now you may be relying on your phone’s signal bars to check your cellular signal strength,but to be truthful the signal bars on our phone provide only a rough idea of our cellular signal strength,by referring to the signal bars we cannot get the exact value of our cellular signal strength,today we are going to introduce a quick tutorial ,using which users can check their exact cellular signal’s value in decibels.

The Frequency of cellular signal ranges from -50 decibels to -120 decibels,Where -50 dBm means an excellent signal or full bars and -120 dBm means a very weak or no signal,In order to determine your cellular signal strength,checking the exact value is far more better then relying on the signal bar’s strength,because different handset manufacturers decide on the basis of their algorithms as to how much bars they offer for a particular range,what may be 1 bar for a carrier can be 2 bars for another carrier based on the handset used.

How to check your cellular signal strength:-

  • In order to check your cellular’s signal strength,initially head to the ‘Settings’ option on your phone,
  • Under Settings,scroll down to the ‘about device‘ option and open it,
  • Finally click on the ‘Status’ option to get the current signal strength of your cellular operator

So what’s next? now you know how to check the signal strength of your cellular network,you can walk around at various places and floors at your home or outside in order to determine which place offers the maximum signal coverage for your cellular network,It is recommended to walk slowly while measuring the signal strength at various places,because it can take upto 30 seconds for a signal rate to refresh,as you alter your location.

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