How to Check the Battery level of Bluetooth headphone & Other Bluetooth devices connected to android phone

With a growing trend for wireless headphones and speakers,people prefer to use them more as compared to the wired headphone because of the convenience and ease they deliver,Keeping in view the needs of the users apple removed the headphone jack from its iPhone 7 last year and introduced a pair of wireless headphones called airpods,Many other phones like Pixel 2,Moto Z and so on have also removed the headphone jack with the aim to replace it with the wireless technology.

But unlike the wireless headphones that can go on continuously without any need for charging them,The wireless headphones require charging them at regular intervals,and most of them do not have a battery level indicator as a result of which we cannot check the battery level ,we only get to know it when its about to get off due to low battery.

Today we are introducing an app that will help you checking the battery level of the Bluetooth devices connected to your android phone.

Steps to check the Battery level of Bluetooth connected devices-

  • Initially download the ‘Baton‘ android app from the Playstore,follow the link below to download,
  • Upon downloading the app ,Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and connect your wireless headphone or any other device via Bluetooth,
  • Once successfully connected open the Bat on app and their you can see the battery level of your Bluetooth connected device.

By default the refresh rate for battery level is 3 Hours,you can minimize the frequency to Minimum 15 Min ,in order to minimize the refresh rate ,goto the bat on app and Click Menu > Settings > Auto measure and Change the Frequency to 15 Min,This will refresh the battery level every 15 Minute,You can also view the battery level directly from the notification bar without opening the app.

In addition to the above mentioned information,users can also check their headphone’s/Headset’s battery status by using the official companion apps from their respective manufacturers some of these apps are as follows,Jabra ,Platronics ,Turtle,So if you own an headset/headphone from any of these brands,you can check the battery status directly from these app respectively.

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