How to Check if an Android phone or Tablet is ‘Android Certified’ by Google before purchasing it

Their are a lots of android phones available in the market Ranging from High end devices to low end devices,which are priced accordingly ,you can go for various Smartphones as per the features and specifications offered with them,but the one thing that almost all of the android devices have common in them is that they are made by Major android OEM’s and are certified android devices, All the certified android devices support Google playstore and various other Google apps,you can easily check if a device is certified by Google ,by following the simple steps below.

Mobile phone markets are full of phones from hundreds of brands some of which you might have never even heard of,their is nothing wrong in going for a new brand ,but before making a purchase ,a user must ensure that their device is android certified by Google,a Device with non certification will not work properly as it may not be able to support Google playstore,Google maps,Google photos,etc,Follow the steps below to check if a device is android certified before purchasing it

  • Initially head over to This link,and click on one of the download link,
  • Download the document as PDF or CSV as per your convenience,
  • The document will contain a huge list of android devices,
  • All of these devices are android certified by google,
  • To search for a device simply Press CTRL+F,and type in the device name.

If you device is found in the list ,then it is a certified android device,and is compatible for Run Playstore and various other Google apps,this list may show up different variants of a same model,you need to check for the exact model in order to determine the certification status of a device.

An android device as a part of GMS (Google Mobile services) certification Program has to pass various tests like CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) ,CDD (Compatibility Definition Document),this becomes important due to the Open source nature of android,By making the phone manufacturers Signup for GMS Google ensures a higher level of consistency and security across various devices running on the android platform.

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