How to chat on Facebook without having a Facebook account

Facebook offers its users a very easy and convenient way to get connected with all of their buddies all together,with all the latest advancements in the technology and innovations ,Facebook now also lets users chat and connect on facebook messenger without even having a facebook account,today with this post we are going to show a quick step by step tutorial using which users can get use facebook messenger without the need for having a facebook account.

So if you are ready to use only messenger and not a facebook account,you will need a phone number ,using which you need signup at the messenger, To begin you need to use the facebook messenger app on your phone,lets have a look step by step on how to accomplish this.

  • Initially download the Messenger app for Playstore or Appstore as per your respective mobile platform,
  • Upon installation ,open the messenger app and select the second option “I do not have a facebook account”,
  • Next input your phone number and continue,verify the phone number with the code received,
  • In case it asks you are already on facebook,select the “no” option, as shown below,
  • Input your name,add a photo if you wish to, and continue,
  • Once done you will be connected to all the people in your contact list via the messenger app,without any facebook account.

This is a very simple way to stay connected with all your friends on facebook even without having a facebook account,all you need is just a mobile number and messenger app in order to stay connected,Once a user has created an account on facebook messenger using the above method,their is no direct way to deactivate it ,however users can opt for uninstalling the messenger app or clearing its data,if they do not wish to continue.

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