How to Block Your bank ATM/Debit Card Online,Offline (All banks)

ATM cards cum Debit cards have become a very important part of our daily lifestyle,These undoubtedly offer us a lot of convenience and relevance,Easy withdrawal,Transfer of money,Balance inquiry,no standing in queues/waiting,easy online transaction ,high security and safety,these are some of the amazing features that make ATM Cum Debit cards a very important part of our daily lifestyle,But in-case your debit card gets lost,It becomes a necessity to block it as soon as possible,In order to prevent any sort of misuse of your personal bank account although its safe because, The card is secured with a pin,but still you have to block it to ensure complete security,below we are listing out the methods to block ATM cum debit cards for various banks..

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Bank name Blocking Online Blocking Offline
1) State Bank of India 1800112211
2) Bank of india N/A 18004251112
3) Bank of Maharastra N/A 1800 233 4526,1800 102 2636
4) Federal Bank Goto Federal Mobile banking and Block from Menu > Self Service > Block Debit Card. Dial 18004251199 Or 18004201199 or Type BLOCK(Space)Last 4 digit of debit card and send it to 5676762 OR +919895088888
5) HDFC Bank Goto HDFC Net banking and Block the Card from ‘HOTLISTING’ option under “Debit cards”. Dial HDFC Phone banking number for your location-
6) Punjab National Bank Blocking through Internet banking,Login to PNB IBS account,Goto Personal settings > ATM Hotlisting,Select A/c no,Click continue,choose the card and click Block. Dial 18001802222 or 18001032222 or Type HOT(Space) card no & send to
5607040 from your registered mobile number ex HOT 51265x00xxxx0013 to
7) Canara bank N/A Dial 18004250018 or Type CAN HOTLISTDC CARD NUMBER (16 digits) & send it to 5607060
8) ICICI bank N/A Dial +91-22-3366-7777
9) Vijaya bank Contact by [email protected] OR [email protected] OR [email protected] Dial 1800 425 9992 / 1800 425 5885/ 1800 425 406
10) South indian bank N/A Dial 91-484-3939345, 91-484-2771343 or 91-9446475458 (24 Hrs.)
11) Yes bank N/A 1800 2000 (Toll Free for Mobiles & Landlines in India),+91 22 30993600 (When calling from Outside India).
12) Axis bank Login to Axis bank internet banking account,and select ‘Block card’ under Debit card section. Dial +91-22-67987700; or Type BLOCKCARD(space)last four digits of ‘debit card number’ and send it to 5676782 or +919717000002
13) Kotak bank Login to Kotak Mobile/net banking and raise a service request from banking > service request. Dial 18602662666
14) Indian bank email:[email protected],[email protected] Dial 044-25260335 or 180042500000
15) Allahabad bank N/A Dial 1800220363
16) Andra bank Email:[email protected] 040-23122693/23122703,1800 425 2910
17)Karnataka bank N/A Dial: 1800-425-1444 or 080-22021500
18) Corporation bank N/A ATM/Debit card:-18004252407
19) IDBI bank N/A Dial-1800-22-6999 or
Type BLOCK (Customer ID ) ( Card Number ) send to 5676777
Eg: SMS BLOCK 12345678 4587771234xx7890 to 5676777,
If you don’t remember card no:-SMS BLOCK ( Customer ID ) to 5676777
20)Nanital bank N/A Dial 1800 180 4031,Or
Type NTBL(space)ATMBLOCK(space)(13 digit account no)
send it to 56363.
e.g. NTBL ATMBLOCK 2000000001234

Now just Bookmark or save this post,it will prove to be very helpful,in-case you have lost your ATM cum debit card,just dial the numbers as per your respective bank or simply block the card online,the card once blocked cannot be unblocked,you need to contact your bank and get a new one issued.

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