Grab Seagate premium data recovery software for free (Win/Mac)

Data recovery software help us recovering lost/deleted data from a PC. If your device is working and can detect media, you can use a data recovery software to get your data back. Whether your loss is due to accidental deletion, corruption, or reformatting, A data recovery software will help you recover the lost data. Seagate premium data recovery software is one amongst them, this software works with any brand drive and most storage devices, Just download the software, run a scan and it will show you all of the recoverable files.

The DIY Software has the capability to recover files off a drive that has been formatted. That being said, depending on the level of formatting done to the drive (Windows format vs Ubuntu format), the software may or may not find any files. The formatting needs to be a file system supported by the recovery software (NTFS/FAT16/FAT32/exFAT or HFS/HFS+/APFS). Also, if the drive has been erased before being re-formatted, it decreases the chances of finding any files. If more files have written over the new formatting, this impacts the file recovery process.

After scanning your drive/device and choosing which files you would like to recover/save from the preview, you may select a network drive as the location you would like to save to. The network drive must be accessible from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and you must have permission to write to the location. It does not need to be a mapped network drive to work. Just be sure there is enough free space on the network drive to hold the files you are saving there.

Steps to avail the offer:-

  • In order to avail the offer ,simply head over to this link ,you will land to the software page,
  • On the landing page, scroll a bit down and you will see an image as shown below, click on any one of the ‘Add to cart’ icon (Mac/Win) as per your operating system,
  • Next you will see the total amount as 0$ ,Click on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ option,
  • Input the details like name,email,mobile,address,state,country etc. Accept the terms, privacy policy and click on the ‘Place order’ button,
  • Finally, check your mailbox and download the software along with your license key.

How long after losing a file do I have to recover it? As long as the drive has not been fully erased, there really is no time limit. However, continuing to use the drive (such as adding or editing photos, music, documents, etc.) that you are wanting to recover files from can overwrite deleted files making them less likely to be recoverable. Also, letting a drive sit without being used does eventually further the damage. As a result, the sooner you recover the lost files, the better your chance of recovering them.

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