Google’s new travel portal makes it easier to plan trips online

Travel planning is complicated, The number of tools and amount of information you need to sift through when deciding where to go, where to stay and what flight to take can be time consuming and overwhelming. That’s why google is trying to simplify the way to help travelers plan trips easily with Google across devices.

When you’re planning a trip—whether you’re on desktop or mobile—Google wants to help you find the information you need, fast. Last year, they simplified trip planning by making navigation between Google Flights, Hotels, and Trips easier on smartphones and now rolling this out on desktop as well. You can either go to the link below or search for something like “hotels in Tokyo” or “Vancouver” to find travel information from a variety of sources in one place.As you plan a trip, your research and reservations will be organized for you in Trips,As they continue to evolve Google Trips, making this information more accessible at Google travel, and in Google Search and Google Maps, also a few new features to make planning and organizing your trips easier.

It often takes days or weeks to plan a trip. When you need to pick up planning again, they’ll keep track of your trip research across Google. Recent searches, saved places and flights you’re tracking are added automatically to your trips when you’re signed into your Google Account. Soon, they’ll add viewed things to do and saved and viewed hotels to your trips. When you want to continue planning, all of your research will be waiting for you at If you don’t want to see private results, you can opt out by adjusting your results and web & app activity settings,When you’re ready to continue researching other parts of your trip, scroll down to see travel articles and find out more about a destination like suggested day plans, popular restaurants around your hotel and events happening during your dates.

And in the next few months, your trips—including reservations for things like hotels and restaurants—will be accessible in Google Maps, too,the goal is to simplify trip planning by helping you quickly find the most useful information and pick up where you left off on any device,Google will continue to make planning and taking trips easier with Google Maps, Google Search and Google travel—so you can get out and enjoy the world.

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