Google Playstore offering free 1$ credits for Purchases amounting to 3$ and above (US,UK and Japan)

Google playstore is offering its users 1$ of playstore credits usable for purchases amounting to 3$ and above from the Google playstore,this offer is applicable only for USA,UK and Japan ,the offer will remain valid till 28th Feb 2019 ,users just need to head over to the links below in order to activate this offer,the offer once redeemed will entitle users for a 1$ discount on their purchases amounting to 3$ or above at the Google playstore.

Google playstore offers users a huge collection of Apps,Games ,Music,Movies and various other stuffs,users are offered both free as well as paid content,once a stuff is purchased at the google playstore,users can then download it directly on their device,all the purchases made by a user are linked directly to his/her Google/Gmail ID used at the playstore,under this offer users can get a 1$ of discount towards their purchases amounting to 3$ or above at the Google playstore.

Google playstore also offers users various discount and offers on apps and other paid stuffs,from time to time,under which users can purchase paid apps,games and other stuffs at a discounted price, users can also have an option add their favorite apps and games to the wishlist where users can organize all the app,games which they would like to install on their mobile device,the details to redeem this offer are as follows.

This offer will remain active till 28th Feb 2019,in order to activate this offer just head over to the respective links below and redeem the promo code,users in US can also directly use the promo code VALENTINE2019 at the redeem section of the Google playstore.


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