Google Photos for android now let’s you Stabilize shaky videos

With the release of new version of the Google photos app,users can now perform stabilization of shaky videos,this is a very helpful tool for users who love to shoot videos frequently, you can maintain the quality standards in a video using this simple yet effective feature from the google photos app,you do not need to perform any special series of complicated steps in order to perform a video stabilization,video stabilization can be simply done by just selecting the stabilize option under a video,here are the steps to do so.

To use this feature,click on Google photos app and navigate to the photos tab,their select a video,click on the pencil icon and select the stabilize option,wait for a few seconds for app to perform the stabilization and once the video gets stabilized the option shows up stabilized.

The result will clarify and smoothen your video file,Next you can save the video directly,or upload it online,to perform this yourself,you just need to download the latest version of google photos from the link below and follow the steps as above in order to stabilize a video file.

Download now

Here is a live example of before and after effects of the video stabilization feature,have a look at the depth of the results you can obtain from this feature.

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