Google Photos Offering Unlimited free cloud storage for photos,videos over Android,Ios and web

Google Photos is a photo manager app for mobile,web,It lets us store,organize and search photos easily and conveniently,the photos can be organized on the basis of people,places as well as things,the app also features visual search,Auto backup of photos,saving space on your device,creating movies,collage and animations using photos and editing,sharing etc.

On Thursday during the annual developers conference,Google introduced this app,as a platform that offers unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos,Under this for free users Google will allow Storage in full resolution for the images upto 16 megapixel ,higher resolution images will get compressed but the quality won’t get affected and for videos upto 1080p can be stored normally while higher once will be downsampled,in both the cases paid users can store anything as orignal,without any compression.

It is not just the free storage that will entice you the app also offers searching for the photos with simple keywords,this works just like google’s image search ,search for cat ,dog etc,this app can also turn group of similar images into animations,collage or videos,now you can capture and store unlimited photos without any worries for space,all your photos,videos will remain in tact and safe over the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere,anytime.


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