Google introduces Data saver extension for Chrome browser

It is a very common technique to save data on mobile phones using various compression techniques or browsers,but when it comes for pc it looks quite difficult,most of the ISPs have data cap so it is really wasteful to use it with higher consumption rate,If you share your internet connection with your friends,family and other people the need for data saving increases,Google data saver extension is a very powerful tool,it is meant to reduce the data consumption while you browse the internet.

The extension works by compressing the incoming data that will,that will ultimately result in overall reduction of data usage,it is currently in its beta stage,Data saver extension will also help ,in enhancing your security,the websites pass through google servers which checks them for any virus/malwares,therefore the extension will help you save the data as well as prevent malwares,as the pages will pass through google servers ssl and incognito page will not be included.

To install this extension just goto this link and add it to chrome,after adding it you can manage the settings and view the data saved from top right,data saver is also available for chrome on mobiles for ios and android which can be triggered from settings option,after installing the extension,you will feel the difference,in speed along with the data consumption rate,this will add up to your cost saving,let you save more data.

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