Google Duo app’s audio calling feature is now available for everyone

Google duo app ,an app for video calls has got a little more advanced,now users can also make audio calls from google duo app,this feature was initially introduced in Brazil during march and has now rolled out for all the users world-wide,this app works for both android as well as iOS users,Until the last update duo offered only video calling which consumed much more data and battery ,but as of now users can also make light data weighted audio calls as well,Duo is a very simple and easy to use,you don’t even need any Google account to use it.

You can start using this app just from your mobile number,In order to start ,just download the app and provide your mobile number ,wait for the verification code and enter it,Once you enter the app,Select the ‘New call’ option, and click on the slider,drag it to audio or video as per your choice and select a contact to start making a call,duo app is available only for mobile users,its doesn’t has any desktop apps,extensions etc.

Duo is now not just a simple video calling app,the app now offer much more,currently duo doesn’t offer simple text messaging,Google also launched ‘Allo’ app previously ,with Google assistant,which provides answers to your questions and offers information like flight timings,nearby restaurants etc.

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