GoGo app-Get free Mobile recharge for reading Articles and news on your mobile

GoGo a new free mobile recharge app,you would love to have on your phone,This app pays us for reading articles and interesting stories,news on our phone,the app shows an article’s headline and excerpt every time we wake up our phone,swipe on left side to read the respective article or swipe right to simply unlock your phone,you will earn from both sides,read or just unlock,in addition to this you can also earn by referring your friends,for referrals you will earn 10 Rs per referral,you can also adjust the app to disable or enable showing articles,redeem the recharge for Prepaid or Pay Postpaid bills,view tutorials in app and so on,just download the app and start earning,below we are describing the app ways to earn and steps to begin.

How to earn from GoGo:-

1)Unlock phone and read articles:-As soon as you wake up your phone ,you will see an article,swipe on the left side to read the article or swipe right to simply unlock your phone,you will earn points from both ends,if you simply unlock your phone,you will earn 3 Points whereas if you swipe on left hand side and read the article,you will earn the same,Now start gaining knowledge and earn money for it.

2)Sharing with friends:-Refer your friends to join Go Go app and earn 1000 Points for each referral,1000 points are worth 10 Rs,that means you will get 10 Rs as soon as a referred friend download this app,in order to start referring just head to app’s home screen,and click share and earn,share the referral link directly via message,what’s app,email etc and get the app downloaded.

How to begin:-

In order to start using GoGo app,Just download the app from here,Upon downloading,open it,the app will auto detect your number and verify it with a missed call,once you successfully configure the app,you will see an article/story,each time the phone wakes up,swipe and unlock your phone or read the article,each unlock will get you points,redeemable for free recharge.to redeem the earning goto Menu > Redeem and Select Prepaid/Postpaid ,provide the details and get the recharge,you can also browse ‘FAQ’ and ‘Tutorials’ from within the app.

Other details:-

  • You will get 500 Points/5 Rs as joining bonus,
  • Earn 1000 Points/10 Rs for each referral,
  • Earn 3 points for each unlock,
  • 100 Points=1 Rs,
  • Minimum redemption -100 Rs/10,000 points.

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