Get to know if a rar/zip file is password protected before downloading it

It is really frustrating to know that the rar file you downloaded is password protected ,and the owner wants you to download the pass from a survey site This is an exclusive trick from verified tricks ,get to know if a rar file is password protected or not

Till yet you might be referring to comments to ensure that the rar file you are going to download is password protected or not but using this simple trick you can easily know whether the file is password protected or not

Just follow these steps:

Make sure idm is installed

  1. Begin downloading the rar file with idm
  2. The moment download starts pause it
  3. Then goto downloads>options as shown in the screenshot below
  4. And copy temporary storage link as shown belowAnd close idm
  5. Now goto run (win key+r) and paste the temporary storage location you copied from idm and hit enter
  6. Then click DwnlData folder and locate your file here
  7. and open the folder ,you will see few blank files with no extension
  8. Rename the biggest file and add .rar to it
  9. finally open the archive and try to open its contents ,if it is password protected you will see the following

you can download our password protected test file and test this

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