Get sms notification when someone logins to your facebook account from a New place

Get free sms notification when someone logins to your Facebook account from a new location

You need to make following small configuration to your profile

Go to your Security Settings

Then Click on the Login Notifications

Check the box next to the type of
alerts you’d like to receive and
select Save Changes

Note: You need to add a mobile
number to your account to receive
text message alerts.

After you turn on login notifications:
They will  ask you to name your
computer or mobile phone next time you log in. You can also save this device to your list of Recognized Devices. This way, you won’t have to keep naming the computer or mobile phone you usually use to
log into Facebook.
Don’t choose
this option if you’re using a public
When you name a device, they ‘ll send you a notification.
If you ever receive a login
notification from an unfamiliar
device or location, follow the
instructions in the notification to
reset your password and secure
your account.

Source :Facebook help section

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