Get Emoji suggestion on any keyboard using Dango android app

Some keyboard apps for android like ‘Swiftkey’ support Emoji suggestion feature while typing ,windows phone users already taste this feature on their phones,unfortunately most of the android keyboards including the stock once don’t have this feature,The emoji suggestion feature let’s us attach an emoji instantly in correspondence to the word typed for example if you type pizza you get an emoji suggestion for various pizzas ,if you type the word happy you get a suggestion for the same.

If this feature makes you switch from your favorite keyboard,try Dango app,Dango app gives us emoji suggestions in correspondence to the word typed without any interference by use of bubbles,which can be used on any keyboard app.

Steps to install and use this app:-

In order to configure and start using this app follow up the steps below,

1)Join Google Plus community and become a beta tester:-Since this app is currently in its beta phase,it requires you to become a tester ,before you can use it,to become a beta tester,firstly goto this link and join the google plus community,after joining the community,hit become a beta tester button.

2)Install the app on your phone:-Once you complete the Step 1 ,you will get an installation link for the app,install it by clicking on that link.

3)Grant access to the app:-After the app gets successfully installed grant it the accessibility,this is required in order to let the app guess what you are typing ,to do this just open “Accessibility services” and toggle them on.

4)Configure the options:-Now just the second last step,configure the options within the app,select whether you want dark or light theme,system or conventional emoji,you can change these preferences any time as per your wish.

5)Start using the app:-Once you have configured the app successfully just check it out open any app like hangout and type a message to get the suggestions for emoji,the bubble can be changed in size ,dragged as per your convenience.

This app is currently in its beat stage,improvements can be expected in the final version of this app,till then enjoy it,now you don’t need to manually look and identify an emoji ,to show how you feel,just type a word and get it,this app will prove very helpful for those who are habitual of their old keyboard and don’t want to switch.

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