Get Earthquake alerts on your Android phone with Earthquake alert app

On 25th April an earthquake on 7.5 magnitude lead to heavy destruction in Nepal,more than 900 people lost their lives and many of them got severely injured,The effect was felt in many cities of India too like Lucknow,Kolkata,Delhi etc,that evolved a major fear in the minds of people,An Earthquake is a cause of release of energy from earth’s crust that creates seismic waves leading to the shake,According to UNICEF report nearly a million children have been severely affected,the destruction is very vast,getting an alert for earthquake can help you in taking adequate precautions before any damage occurs,it would be better to run out in an open place to protect yourself.

Earthquake alert app is developed by USGC(United states geological survey) that measures earthquakes around the world,using this app you can see magnitude 1.0+ from US and 4.5+ from around the world,you can browse through latest earthquakes,click on any of the news to get details,Map it,feel it or share it with friends,
This app features,Map view with magnitude info,quick updates from around the world,filtering what you want to view,alerts and push notifications,latest quakes from around the world.


To configure,use this app,just download it from here,this app stand compatible with most of the android devices,after downloading it,open the app and browse through various tabs like news,maps,latest, to configure it ,goto menu > settings,here you can filter distance near you,magnitude etc,to get the notification you need to download an add on app,follow up the instructions from settings.

This app has already crossed a million downloads,just download and use it to adopt adequate protection measures before any damage occurs,Getting an early alert for quake will definitely prove to be very helpful in planning your escape.

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