Get android 4.2.2 on your pc in few easy steps

Android is getting more and more popular day by day new versions are released in very few months it is very difficult for us to buy new phones every time they release,did you know you can run android 4.2.2 on your pc

Firstly download these 2 softwares from below

1.Oracle VM VirtualBox, and

2.Android 4.2 JellyBean iso file

Follow steps below to install

  • Begin installing virtual box on your pc open it and select new,enter any name ,select type as linux and version as other linux
  • Next enter memory size of your choice note:jelly bean requires atleast 512 mb memory to run use a bit more than that
  • In next dialog you’ll see a place to create virtual hard drive,select this option then choose vdi note:minimum 1 gb ias required for installation now select virtual dive and  choose settings proceed to storage tree >then empty
  • Choose the jelly bean file downloaded earlier and click live cd/dvd adn click ok
  • After this start virtual device and choose the option “Install android x86 to hard drive”
  • choose where it says Create/Modfiy partitions.
  • Finally install Android in sda and select type and ext3, choose yes for installing grub.

Finally when you’ve doneabove steps you then have to remove live iso from the virtual box and proceed to reboot. After this you can boot into Android JellyBean 4.2.2


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