Funny Facebook pranks

Previously we posted about a prank to get your friends pass,hope you succeeded it , today lets practice some other pranks

Gold account prank

Just upload any of the pics from below to your profile and see how they go viral

Your friends will be surprised to know facebook is charging and request you how you upgraded your facebook account. Just remember to tell them the truth in the end though.


an example have a look how you can fool others with comments and pic


the main purpose of this is to generate more likes,comments


Ghost profile

Facebook ghost profile prank – Want to scare your friends or siblings the hell off on facebook?
Just give this link to your friends

If possible, put some attractive comment for the link to capture more audience
the real show will kick in. The baby will open the eyes out of the blue and a big head will break through the profile page with a loud terrifying scream via flash animation to make you jizz in your pants.

Remember use this only for pc users bcoz its a flash animation njoy


Web page not found

Post web page not found pic on your profile or other’s wall and let them face the prank,refreshing the page,logging out and re logging in,reconnecting their internet

Lock screen prank

The lesser number of people know these shortcuts they’ll definitely try using them target some of the top groups to use this prank


  • Windows, →, →, →, Enter’ or ‘Windows, →, →, →, U’ (to shutdown computer)
  • ‘Windows, →, →, →, R’ (to restart)
  • ‘Windows, →, →, →, W’ (to log off ad switch user)

Timeline cover

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