Freebies and Offers for Android one

Android One, which seems elegant to sweep the budget segment with devices at affordable prices and a pure Android experience.
Along with easily affordable devices , Google wants to scale up internet adoption in  developing such as India, As in India its mainly the urban crowd that browses Internet and as  Google has tried to make smartphones cheaper to purchase, it’s trying  to move to the Internet as well. This seems pretty obvious with these offers:-

1)Free App download offer through  Airtel

Airtel is offering free data android updates upto 100 MB and app downloads up to 200MB for 6 months. So, switching to an Android One device with Airtel as the carrier would save you alot.

2)Free reading for a year

The Play Newsstand app which  allows reading news and magazines anytime and at any place.And google is offering its Android One users a free one year subscription to Newsstand which will allow users to read articles and watch videos  for free without any payment

3) Offline YouTube videos streaming 

Offline videos means that youtubers can save YouTube videos and watch them later. If there’s a video you really like and want to share it with your friends, you don’t need to search and stream the video twice. Google will allow Android One users to watch videos even when not connected to the Internet. You can download a video once, save it to your phone, and watch it again and again. But this service has not yet started,it would start in coming weeks .

Apart from these add-ons, Android One devices will come with automatic backup on Google Drive, two-year software support from Google, carrier billing and  other additional features such as Google Now integration for IRCTC train reservations and updated sports cards.

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