Freebie:-Ubisoft offering Prince of Persia-Sands of time and 6 other games absolutely free

Its the freebie time,Ubisoft is up with an amazing freebie offer for all of us,under this freebie offer Ubisoft is offering one free game every month ,the game for the month of June is ‘Prince of Persia-The Sands of time’,this is on behalf of its 30th Anniversary celebration,under the freebie offer ,users are offered free digital download of a game every month, A new game will be revealed each month,The game availed will be all yours ,you can play it for ever,with out any limits or constraints,the offer and game(s) are available only for a limited time period so grab the offer before it runs out,this offer is available only for PC,other gaming platform user cannot avail this offer,the steps to avail the offer are as follows.

Steps to avail the offer:-

  • Firstly head to This Link landing to ‘Ubisoft Club page’,
  • Now click on Join the Club link,click create a Uplay account and signup for your account,
  • After signup,Tick the checkbox and click on ‘Get the Game now’ link,
  • You will now be prompted to download the ‘Uplay; Desktop software,
  • Download it and login to your account,click on the ‘Games’ tab and start downloading the  game.

Other details:-

Prince of Persia -Sands of time is available as a freebie game for the month of June ,each month a new freebie game will be revealed,till December,the games can be downloaded by using the ‘Uplay desktop app’,Users need to signup for a free account and start downloading the game,the game once downloaded can be enjoyed offline and will remain installed on your computer until you remove it.

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