Freebie-Get Final Fantasy II Free for Android and iOS

Final Fantasy II was released back in 2012 for android. It has been made on number of platforms till now. Final Fantasy II is usually a player’s want to always keep on being engaged in a entertaining knowledge — like a dream you do not need to wake up through. A final Dream video games provide the best quantity of understanding (recurring heroes, wildlife and also gameplay elements) combined with the brand new tips in which maintain things fairly new (characters, storylines, battle systems),A player can roam anywhere,A user can equip various characters and use disposable items for battle,The II Version introduced ‘Chocobo’ that lets a player to run without being attacked.

Steps to download:-

Sqaure Enix’s is celebrating  its 1 year anniversary of Final Fanatsy Portal App and In honor of that they are giving free download of Final Fantasy II.  First you need to download Final Fantasy portal app and once you open the app, you will be able to download Final Fantasy II game for free till 14th Feb. Normally, the game game is $7.99 on Apple IOS and Play Store. Its available to download on Itunes and Play Store,Open the app,click on the first slider,hit purchase button and select your platform,done now the game will start downloading.


The game can only be launched using the Portal app,Once downloaded click on the ‘Game’ icon from the portal app under the app list,after 14th feb users will be charged to download the game,the app supports english language only,if the app is deleted from android phone it cannot be reversed for free.

So, what do you think about this offer? For sure, I am going to install and enjoy this feature? What are you waiting for? Go and install and enjoy the awesome game absolutely free of cost,the offer is applicable for both android and iOS users,



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