Free up space on your Android or ios phone with Photo shrinker app

Low Space is a very common problem for most of the phone users,no matter how large is your phone’s memory with time ultimately it reaches a stage where you have no free space left,Photo shrinker is a very useful app that can compresses images on your phone upto 10 times ,Thus Freeing up gigs of space on your phone easily,and hence leaving you with more space for games ,apps,videos ,music etc,the shrunken photos can be easily shared on social networks ,they will look the same ,but reflect a smaller size
This app provides a great alternative to the users ,then can shrink the photos instead of deleting them,hence you lose nothing and gain the space freely,download the app here

After downloading you can choose to either shrink the photos one by one or shrink all at once(Uncheck the photos requiring high quality print outs),once you confirm the shrinked photos are saved in your phone and the older once are deleted,deleted photos in ios are moved to the recently deleted folder that automatically clears it self in 30 days,
imageThis app requires ios 8 to work and for android requires android 2.3 or above,this app has both paid and free versions ,paid version has no ads and no limits while the free version has limits of 500 photos at a time,this is a very useful app for those who love clicking images and always have a large amount of memory occupied for the photo storage,Now you can capture even more and no need to buy any additional memory card

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