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MERU CABS is one of the first companies to launch Radio Cabs in India,It provides air-conditioned cab, which is readily available 24/7,It also provides an e-bill reciept to customers to eliminate tampering.Meru cab is currently operating in the following cities:-Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Chennai Vadodara, Surat, Pune & Kolkata.

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You can book a taxi with both web/apps and mobile ,there is a convenience charge for booking through phone,while no such charge is levied for bookings through web/app.

Meru Cabs uses GPS/GPRS enabled technology to ensure safety of customers,You can now enjoy upto five free rides from MERU,all you gotta do is download the mobile app of MERU and book your ride and while booking just use the following codes one each ride.


1. MERU150 –To get 150 off
2. MERU200 –To get 200 off
3. FORYOU150 – To get 150 off
4. FORYOU200 – To get 200 off
5.NOW25 – get 25% off

Apart from this discount you can get an additional 30% discount by paying through your wallet account in MERU.

About the offer:-

P.S  MERU150 and  MERU200 codes are applicable for new users only rest codes can be used by old users also.

Suppose you Book a Meru cab and used MERU 150 coupon then if your ride fare is less than Rs 150 then your ride will cost you nothing and suppose your fare comes out to be Rs 200,Then you have to pay Rs 50 but still if you have an wallet account in MERU extra 30% will be discounted and it will cost you only about Rs 35.

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