Free recharge apps referral offers:-Freeb 50 Rs/refer,Squadrun 10 Rs/refer and Cashboss 10 Rs/refer

Hi all hope you are doing great today we have listed out some of the best referral offers from various free recharge apps,these apps have already been reviewed on our website,so no doubt you might be aware about them,but you may not know there referral rates which has been increased by now,that means you just need to refer your friends and fill your mobile with free recharges,freeb is currently leading with 50 rs per refer but this rate is limited to only first 5 referrals,so act accordingly.

1)Freeb:-Freeb is an app by spice digital,this app is currently offering 50 Rs/refer to the users for their first five referrals,you will earn as soon as your friend downloads freeb using your referral and tries out atleast one app,Using freeb users can earn free recharges by downloading the apps or referring your friends,redeem the recharges instantly all the operators are supported,with freeb you can recharge prepaid,dth,data cards as well as pay bills or postpaid and landline phones.

2)Squadrun:-Squad run is an app that let’s us earn free mobile recharge for completing simple tasks ,this app doesn’t requires any app downloads ,users just need to complete the task(s) within a time spam and earn the coins we have already reviewed the app here,in order to refer just download the app,login using your Facebook account and invite your friends using the invite code to earn 10/refer,redeem free recharge vouchers as soon as you touch the threshold of minimum 100 Rs.

3)Cashboss.:-Cashboss is also a free recharge app that pays us for downloading the apps and referring friendsjust few days ago we have reviewed it,the app is currently offering 10Rs/refer ,previously it was 20 and now again 10 ,you will earn the referral credits as soon as the referred user downloads cashboss and tries our atleast one app,to earn more refer maximum friends and just try out the apps you have not installed previously.

The offers are a part of promotion and are available only for a limited time ,the rates may decrease or increase in upcoming days,

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