Fix ‘Insufficient Storage available’ error on android phone

If you face an error while updating an app on your android phone ‘Insufficient storage available’, no need to panic this is just a small problem and can be handled easily,this just needs a bit cache clearing,you will be downloading and updating the apps in just few minutes,after following the procedure demonstrated below,Provided,you have enough space in your phone ,the problem can be fixed in few seconds,this problem generally occurs if you have moved apps to micro sd card and cache hasn’t been cleared properly.

Steps to fix the error:-

1) In order to fix up this error firstly clear up space on your phone deleting the Data like videos,photos etc this will help you gain up some space on your phone,

2)Next download App cache cleaner-1 Tap cleaner app from the Playstore,the app is very small in size and is free,

3)Open the app and let it scan for the cache on your phone,once the scan is completed,you can either clear individual apps cache’s or delete all of them once,

Once you have completed the steps above,you can download or update the desired app and without any error,all done,you can repeat the procedure from time to time to ensure that the cache remains clean and doesn’t covers much of the phone’s memory.

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