Firefox launches VPN service for Android and Windows 10 PC

A VPN is an online service and a piece of software that work together to secure your internet connection against monitoring and eavesdropping. By encrypting all your internet traffic and routing it through a secure server, VPN prevents your ISP (internet service provider), school, or government from seeing which websites you visit and tracing your online activity back to your IP address, A VPN can also offer valuable peace of mind when you’re using an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, like the one at the airport or your local coffee shop.

Secure your entire device with the ‘Firefox VPN Protect’ the connection for your whole device, including all apps on Windows 10 and Android. Now available for limited-time beta pricing of $4.99/month.With servers in 30+ countries, you can pick your location. Connect from anywhere, to anywhere,Connect up to 5 devices at once with a fast, powerful connection,Firefox VPN is currently in paid beta. Firefox Private Network’s browser-level protection offers a free version.

Full-device VPN will work with any browser, as well as any apps you have on your Windows 10 computer, The VPN is also available for Android devices. Encrypt all the connections on your device,Firefox Private Network routes your traffic through a secure server and lets you choose a new location,here are the instruction to start over :-

  • Step 1 – Join the waitlist. When you receive your invite, download, and install the VPN on your Windows 10 or Android device. (Coming soon for other platforms.)
  • Step 2 – Turn on Private Network and connect to any server of your choice.
  • Step 3 – Browse and communicate freely on your own fast and secure private network.

Firefox will offer the Firefox Private Network beta in the United States into early 2020. they’re working on expanding the service to other regions soon.Join the waitlist to be notified when it’s available outside the US. The VPN is built by Firefox and runs on a global network of servers powered by their partner Mullvad using the WireGuard protocol.

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