Find your lost android phone without tracking app installed

Have you ever lost your android phone,there are some lifesaver apps than can prove to be very helpful in adverse situations


To track your lost android phone you need to remotely install Android lost app on your lost cell

The process is simple your phone should be connected to your google account

Follow these steps:-

1.Login to google account you used on your phone from pc this link and install the app on your phone

3.To register your phone send an sms to your mobile with the text

androidlost register

4. If step 3 is not an option install “AndroidLost Jumpstart before installing android lost and the registration will be done

5.Finally goto Android Lost website and login with ur google account


now you have access to all the features like

Read sms

play alarm

get the loation



Here is a true story about how a person recovered his lost android using the above method

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