Fcall.in – free 4 minutes, 40 min daily calls and 460 chars sms to anywhere in India

We have previously told about this site but now it is improved with additional features

That provides free calls of 4 minutes to anywhere in India.

It provides Total 40 minutes daily. in addition It also provides you free 460 character SMS.

To enjoy this site which is completely free:-

  1. Visit here www.fcall.in
  2. Register with new a/c
  3. You will get four digit password by sms to your mobile
  4. Login with your password
  5. Click on Make call from top menu
  6. Enter number and continue
  7. Click call now first fcall will call you, once you pick it will call to the second number

Note: if you want more than 1.5 minutes Click on “Add Minutes” button to talk upto 4 minutes

Enjoy 4 minutes taking in queue
Also try 460 character SMS.
Additional Features:-

  • Mobile Tracking
  • IP tracking
  • Great thing about fcall.in
  • Crystal clear voice
  • No waiting in queue
  • 4 minutes of calling

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