Facebook Messenger Tips/Tricks:-Play games on Messenger,Use Multiple Facebook accounts & 6 More

Facebook Messenger stands out to be one of the most popular app amongst the android phone users with more than 1 Billion downloads,Facebook is continuously adding various improvements and innovative features in the app,to make it more and more interesting and enjoyable,Facebook messenger is now not only limited to messaging ,it offers a lot more to the users,like sharing photos,stickers,videos,location and more,with the latest additions users can also play games on messenger,With this post we are listing out some of the best tips and tricks you can experiment with the Facebook messenger.

1)Use Messenger without any Facebook account:-You can use the Facebook messenger app without any Facebook account and get connected with all your friend, This features aims to make messenger similar to ‘What’s app’,Users just need to head to messenger,Click on don’t have a Facebook account and input their mobile number,provide name and your messenger is ready,you can enter and start using messenger app instantly upon mobile number verification,their is no need to create a profile,add your information and all,you are just required to provide your Mobile number and name.
image2)Increase the size of an emoji:-In facebook messenger,you can also increase the size of an emoji,in order to increase the size of an emoji,just head to the messenger and tap on the emoji option,Long Press on any emoji for few seconds,the size will begin to increase,leave the icon to send the emoji,you can do this with any emoji icon,the size of like button can also be raised using this method.

3)Send a cute picture instantly:-What if you want to send a cute pic to your friend on Facebook, You will search on internet ,browse through photos ,download and then upload it to Facebook, This will overall consume a lot of time on your end,while on the other hand It all gets very easy as far as you are using the Messenger app ,just type @dailycute and send it to your friend,Facebook will select a cute pic, from imgur and send it on your behalf,its that easy and simple.
image4)Play Basket ball game on Messenger:-Enjoy Basket ball game on the Facebook messenger app,to play the game just head to the messenger and initiate a conversation with any of your friend,Click on the emoji icon and send a ‘Basket ball’ emoji to your friend,one the message is sent,you will see a basket ball,now just click on that Basket ball to start the game,use your thumb to throw the ball upwards, aiming towards the basket,each successful throw will get your ‘1’ Score.

5)Play soccer game on messenger:-Similar to the basket ball game available on the facebook messenger ,you can also play Soccer on facebook messenger,to begin just select the soccer emoji and send it to any friend,tap on the football emoji once sent,the game will begin ,play the earn the scores,this one is similar to the basket ball game available at the messenger app.

6)Add friends using Unique messenger code:-Add friends on facebook using the unique messenger code,To begin just head to the Facebook messenger,tap on the three lines at the right end of your phone’s screen,click on the “Scan messenger code” option,here you will find both the options to scan the messenger code,you will also have your code,share it with friends to have them add your directly.

7)Use Multiple Facebook accounts in a single messenger:-Share your friend’s,Roommate accounts on Facebook messenger,With Facebook messenger you don’t need to login or logout to your account,in order to use multiple accounts on Facebook,simply click on the accounts button from settings menu and add multiple facebook accounts by clicking on the ‘+’ icon,provide your login details and add up your account,once account(s) are added ,you can switch between them from the accounts option.
image8)Change chat color:-Just like other apps ,you can also change the color of Facebook chat in messenger, to have a colourful experience while chatting,Change the color by clicking on the info icon shown at the top during a chat session and then tapping on the color option,you will have a list of colors to choose from,select a color and enjoy the personalized look,this will change the color of text your are sending to your friend.

Other :Play chess game on Messenger,we have already posted regarding this ,Click here to view the post.

Now when you know them all, just head to the messenger app and start practicing these tips and tricks listed out,In coming days ,we will try to add up more and more tips to this post.

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