Facebook hidden page manager trick

This is a trick to add a hidden page manager to your facebook fan page who can take over in caseyou page gets hacked

You can do this with all your page to add additional security to them

Follow steps below:-

1.Firstly create a new email (gmail recommended ),remember the email shouldn’t be attached with a facebook account.

2.Then goto your profile >  your page admin roles and add a manager ,then,input your email(created in step 1) as a manager

3.save it as page manager ,the email will be added but not seen in admin section ,it will remain hidden

4.Now suppose your page got hacked and you’ve completely lost the access

5.just goto the email address you added above,accept the invitation you received from facebook to be the manager of your facebook page ,you will be prompted to create a facebook profile create it and you’ll again be the manager

this way you will re-gain access as manager of your page and  kick out the hackers



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