Experience Google glass on your android using Google glass home

A geek Zhouwei Zhang came up with some interesting modded *.apk files which enables users to use different services provided by Google Glass on their Android

Go to the following links to download the Google Glass modded apk files.

Home: http://zhuowei.github.io/ Xenologer/glasshome-modded.apk

Camera: http://zhuowei.github.io/ Xenologer/glasscamera-modded.apk

Maps: http://zhuowei.github.io/ Xenologer/glassmaps-modded.apk

Setup: http://zhuowei.github.io/ Xenologer/glassmaps-modded.apk

Install all of them make sure you use Android 4.1 or above

Launch glass home the front screen will show you a clock Below you will find “ok glass” text say a voice command “Ok Glass” to make assistant start hearing your commands

Use google glass assistant to Use camera Record video Send message etc

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