Experience Android 7.1’s Launcher feature on your android phone Using Action Launcher 3

Android 7.1 is coming up with some of the amazing features like launcher shortcuts,apps sliding to the drawer,In order to experience the new android 7.1 you don’t need to upgrade your phone,you can simply check it out using this third party app “Action launcher 3”,Comes packed Along with the google search and date widgets ,This app,has also introduced launcher shortcuts,which work similar to the iOS 3D Touch short cuts,,It also features circular icon designs ,which may be seen in The Upcoming Pixel phone by google,Action launcher is available free of cost and can be fully unlocked by just paying 4.99$,as a one time full upgrade charge.

The launcher offers us the option to pick from amongst the rounded icons or regular icons as per our choice,Quick cuts a feature which was previously available for the paid users are now open for the free users too,The new update of the launcher offers ,Full support for android 7.1 devices,added option to pick global icon style,new revamped settings,added tools tips to help new developers getting acquainted with the app.

You can download the app from the Playstore ,This app has a very normal size making it easy for all the users to download and install without much memory consumption,Have a look at this launcher’s features in Brief,It offer the new Pixel launcher features,Shutter,Quickbar,Quick edit,covers,Tapping a cover opens and and swipe hides it, and so on,now just download the app and give it a smart try.


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