Evil dead-Endless nightmare game arrives for android

Evil dead a full horror packed shooting game for android user,Based on first person shooter,this game aims to immerse us in to the evil surroundings ,The player is equipped,with various weapons like shot gun ,chainsaw,you are required to end and escape the deadly situation,Run through the forest avoiding obstacles and killing/escaping the zombies,as your play progresses,new weapons and upgrades are unlocked,This is a first person runner game,the game play seizes terror,cinematic audio as well as graphics.

During the game ,Player needs to run through a cabin ,where they need to survive the deadly woods avoiding the obstacles,collect the blood droplets from the jungle and hit the zombies using your gun or hands,once your game gets over ,you can continue it by selecting the revive option,in game missions will be mentioned during the game play ,like killing the zombies,collecting a number of droplets,the game lets players using the iconic weapons from the movie,weapons and boosts are unlocked upon completion of a mission,

This game is based on the Evil dead endless nightmare movie,Players get to experience the familiar movie locations as well as the characters,You need to plan your survival through various in game strategies and weapons,enjoy the game,the game is available for free at the Google play store,you can download it directly from there ,here is a short video demonstrating the game play

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