Easily transfer Photos and Videos from Phone to PC without any app using Scan transfer

ScanTransfer is a free Windows desktop software program which enables you to transfer photos and videos from your smart phone to your computer or laptop,The best part of ScanTransfer is this,that the program doesn’t require you to install any new app into your phone, All you need to do is to use your Phone’s Camera or Twitter/Facebook app in order to scan the QR code on the ScanTransfer, and then you will be able to start the transfer process instantly, The program allows you to transfer hundreds of files at a time, and it will finish the task within just a few seconds through the transfer speed acceleration technology.

ScanTransfer also supports ‘Multiple devices transferring’, which enables you to transfer files from more than one smart device at the same time, In addition, your personal files and privacy will be protected well, as ScanTransfer is a LAN (Local Area Network) application that will never leak your data out.

Steps to transfer Photos,Videos from Phone to PC

  • Initially download the Scan transfer Desktop Client ,upon downloading install it and then open it,
  • Now you will be presented various set of options,Configure them as per your need,
  • Next scan the QR Code from your phone,You can simply use iOS Camera, Facebook or Twitter app to scan the QR Code on the ScanTransfer to start.

Refer the steps below to Scan the code and transfer using iOS camera,Facebook (android,iOS) or Twitter (android,iOS) app.

1. Using iOS Camera to Scan the QR Code-Open the iOS Camera app and train it on the QR Code , then tap the message on the top and confirm.

2. Using Twitter app QR code scan-open Twitter then tap the [Profile], the [QR Code] icon is located at the lower right,Tap it and use the QR Code Scanning function to scan the QR Code.

3. Using Facebook app-open Facebook app and tap the [Menu], then tap [QR Code] to scan the QR Code.

Thus Scan transfer is a free desktop tool that will allow users to easily transfer photos and videos directly from their phone to PC with ease,users do not need to download any additional app on their phone,All you need to do is to just scan the QR code shown ,upon scan a link will open up on your phone,select the files and initiate the transferring process.

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