Easily Convert websites into Mobile apps on android phone using this simple trick

Google Playstore offers a very huge collection of apps from across various categories Like Shopping,Entertainment,News etc each of these apps require users to download the respective app and use them,Today we are going the share a quick tutorial using which users can easily convert websites into mobile apps,This concept has been made possible with the help of PWA (Progressive web apps) ,Progressive web apps works with your browser to deliver an app like interface to the users.

These type of apps consume less memory and a very less size as compared to the normal apps also these apps do not require any type of installation,users just need to perform a quick series of steps in order to turn a website into a ‘PWA app’,Not all websites can be converted into apps,only the websites which support the PWA functionality can be converted into apps,we have attached a list of some of the PWA supported websites below.

Steps to convert a Website into an App (PWA):-

  • In order to begin ,initially download the Firefox beta Browser from the Playstore,you can download it directly from the link above,
  • Next input a website URL that is PWA compatible,like we have opened ‘m.flipkart.com’ for our example, (List of some PWA supported Websites is attached below)
  • Once you have opened the URL of a PWA compatible website on the Firefox beta mobile browser,
  • A “Home+” icon will be displayed besides the URL box for any compatible PWA site as shown below,
  • Click on the “Home+” icon besides the URL and tap the ‘Add to home screen’ option,
  • With this the website’s PWA will get added to your home screen,you can access the app directly by clicking on its icon.

With this simple trick users can easily convert websites into apps to save time storage and minimize the memory consumption,PWA have certain limitations like-These apps can’t use sensors,The parent browser app must be installed in order to use the app,PWA apps are not capable of collecting or storing user data.

We are listing out some of the PWA supported websites,you can follow the same procedure as above with the following URLs and convert these websites into apps,instead of ‘m.flipkart.com’ as shown in the above example,you can input any of these URLs,and follow the same procedure,to get an app out of the site, all of the sites below are PWA supported.

  • flipboard.com
  • in.bookmyshow.com
  • pinterest.com
  • wego.co.in
  • mobile.twitter.com
  • qrcodescan.in
  • housing.com
  • m.flipkart.com
  • web.telegram.org
  • app.ft.com
  • m.aliexpress.com

You can use this simple trick and easily turn websites into apps on your android phone,these apps will provide you instant access to the websites, you can browse faster with an app like interface.

Once you click the add icon, the app will be added to your phone’s home screen ,which can be accessed any time by clicking on its icon ,the app added using this procedure will not require any installation or download,It will be just like a bookmark and the app will continue to work as long as the Firefox beta browser is installed on your phone,in case you uninstall the Firefox browser which you used to convert the website into an app,All of these apps associated with the browser will get auto-deleted.

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