Easily block websites on your pc using K9 Web protection software with free license

Internet is a very vast medium with numerous number of websites and possibilities but not all websites are useful,in-fact some of the websites are extremely detrimental for kids as well as family members,these websites include site whose theme is violent,alcoholic, or adult ,these can create a wrong impact on children,so it becomes necessity for you as a responsible parent to block such websites to ensure that kids take the right path.
K9 web protection software is free for individuals and requires a paid license for organizations,this software let’s you block websites as per different categories pre defined in the software ,in addition to this k9 software also offer Real time malware protection,Automatic content rating as well as continuous protection without slowing down your computer.

How to begin:-
To initiate this software it is just a matter of minutes,first goto this link ,select free/individual offer or organization as you need and provide your email I’d along with other details,you will get the license on your email,next click download software(Approx-3mb),install it, provide the license key you got on email and set the password,finally restart the pc then open the software you will see a window as follows(Click to enlarge the image) configure it and you are done,once you block a website’s category it can no longer be accessed.

This software is very secure once you install it and configure it nothing can be altered without the password,you will get email for all the necessary details,in case you forget the password,set the security level to high,moderate,default,monitor or custom as per your requirements,monitor option will not block ,just track the activities,nothing cannot be changed once set,even the software un-installation needs the password.

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