Earn money placing your ads on facebook free

47% of Facebook time is spent in playing games, with 50 million unique visitors a day you can earn huge money with facebook

Here is a step by step guide;-

With this method you will earn money by placing you ads above and below facebook game, ads can be an affiliate link,cpm,cpc or any other html code

      • Firstly you need a web hosing account and domain name ,you can choose either free web hosting n doamin or paid web hosting and domain
      • after you have finished the arrangement of hosting account you will have ftp login details
      • download filezilla to login to ftp

    • Next step is finding the games their are many websites where you can find free source games we are taking mochi as an example
    • goto mochi media and goto publisher section signup and add your domain and verify it if you want to get in game ads revenue share

    • Choose any of the game with leader board enabled on mochi open it and click download zip file

    • extract the zip file and you’ll get a folder with contents inside it

    • upload the entire folder to the ftp accout you created earlier
    • Now goto facebook app developer page and click create new app
    • enter display the (actual name of your game displayed on facebook )
    • enter a name space your name space will make your app’s url ex apps.facebook.com/namespace use namespace name same as name of the folder
    • now tick apps on facebook below and in canvas url enter the path of the folder you uploaded earlier
    • enter the same in secure canvas url just add s to http:// and make it https://

    • now set the dimensions of your game
    • and as per facebook rules we need ti upload screenshots of our game in order to publish it
    • create the respective size images with adobe photo shop
    • goto app details section and add terms,policy url

    • and upload photos(1-75×75,1-128×128,1-800×150.1-155×100,3-gameplay images around 1024×1024)
    • Now this software will do further work for you –Download here
    • open it and follow the instructions
    • enter the name and name space

    • its height and width

    • show the path of your .swf file on your pc from the folder you extracted in the starting of this tutorial

    • further enter your app id,app secret id and name space from your facebook game

    • and enter the url of the folder you uploaded earlier

    • and next add your html ad code for top ad
    • and then add html for bottom ad code

  • LASTLY create you file and save them in the same folder and reupload it to your ftp without renaming and changing it upload it in the same location ,make sure the previous once get replaced(deleted)

Now invite all your facebook friends to play your games

using this method you can create infinite number of games on facebook depending on your need and greed

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