Earn Money Online writing articles -Top 3 websites

Top 3 websites that pay you for article writing,

1)Hubpages:-With hubpages you can earn by publishing your article,Earn Money by placing ads from amazon or eBay affiliate program on your article,you can also earn with how many unique visitors view your article,and google adsense program on hub pages

2)Text broker:-Text broker is another site to earn money for your writings,they pay on the basis of per word you write ,if you are a three star writer,you will earn around one cent per word ,if you are a four start writer you will earn 1.2 cents per word and five start writers earn 5 cents per word ,the rating system works on how well you write

3)Bubblews:-Write articles at Bubblews and you will earn from the views your article generates ,each bubble has to be of minimum 400 characters

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