Earn money from android easily using mint coins

We have found a cool android app that let’s you easily earn $ from your Android

MINT coins ,the app is very special in itself you can earn money in no time and payments are made in 24 hours via PayPal minimum payout is just 1$
You can earn.1$ very easily when you know
Just 100 coins make 1$
You can earn coins easily
Just upload a youtube video as per instructions you will get 50 points
And add this invite code while signing up
Note you cannot add it afterwards
This invite code will give you 0.10$ freely
Download food panda android app you’ll get 0.10$ more etc etc
Finally rate their app on android play store you’ll get further 0.10$ added up
Now when you have 0.80$ complete some offer an you
Will get the payment
Download here
Mint coins

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