Dual-A multiplayer game for Android,ios with a twist

You might have have experienced various multiplayer games on mobiles and PC devices ,This type of gaming occurs between two or more people either fighting ,shooting,or playing some sport,But dual presents something we haven’t seen before,it requires two players to stand face to face with phones close to each other and then shoot,the challenge lies not only in shooting the other person but also keeping and eye on the other player’s screen.

Each player has ships that moves as per the tilt of your screen,when you tap the screen ,the ship fires ,making the bullet travel from your screen to the other person’s screen,The game also has some strategies like if you tap and hold for few seconds,you ships starts to charge and you get temporary rapid fire,but the drawback is that you cannot shoot while charging,so your ship gets vulnerable to the damage.

This game is available for both Android as well as ios platforms,you can connect by using Bluetooth or WiFi,the paid version of this game provides 3 different ships and different capabilities a free user can compete against a paid user as well,download the game (around 7 mb) and install it,after installation followup the instructions,tap and hold on the screen to skip the tutorial,finally connect to with the other person using wifi or bluetooth and play the game in competition or cooperation mode,

Have a look at this video to view live demo,this video shows the game play between two people.

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