Download UGO wallet app and get a free 10$ Amazon Gift voucher (Canada)

UGO wallet is up with an exciting offer for Canada residents, Just download this app and get a free 10$ amazon gift voucher. The wallet for your phone just got better.Start moving your wallet to your phone. Store your loyalty, membership, and gift cards on your smartphone. Then drag and drop to organize them your way. Plus, save and organize your receipts so you can access them whenever you need them!

Download, register, and add any card to UGO Wallet – the free app that slims your wallet by storing your loyalty, gift, and membership cards as well as receipts on your phone – and get a $10 Gift Card. You can get a free 10$ amazon canada gift voucher for just downloading this app,download and register using the promo code, in order to avail this irresistible offer,the details and steps are as follows.

  1. Initially head to Google Playstore or iTunes store and download the UGO Wallet app as per your phone,
  2. Download register in the app using the promo code “WINTER19“, and upon successful registration,
  3. Add a loyalty card to your UGO wallet.

Upon completing these simple steps ,you get eligible for an Amazon 10$ Canada gift card,This offer is available to individuals who are residents in Canada who, between January 21, 2019 and February 28, 2019, Download and install UGO Wallet on their smartphone; register and add any card to their UGO Wallet. Individuals who have downloaded UGO Wallet at any time prior to January 21, 2019 are not eligible, Individuals who complete the above actions are eligible to receive a $10 Gift Card.

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