Download the amazing spider man 2 live wallpaper for Android

The amazing slider man 2 live Wp for Android



“You say you don’t want the
responsibility? Guess what? People
like us… We don’t get a choice.” –

Pay close attention to the spider logo
on Spider-Man’s chest as his Spidey
Sense “tingles”, which doubles as a
battery gauge for your Android

Watch as it shoots and flickers with
bright bolts of Spidey Sense when
your device’s battery is full and then
gradually dims as your power

When your device gets close to zero
power your free battery gauge’s
Spider-Man chest logo will flash red
and the Spider-Man will provide
audio assistance reminding you to
plug in your device!

If that isn’t enough Spidey action for
you, than an upgrade is in order via
several unlockable premium options.

Once unlocked and onscreen, you can
tap Spider-Man to invoke several
awesome animations.

Also, to help you over-come any
potential threats to NYC, the web-
slinger will deliver you email, missed
call and text alerts in the form of a
web blast covering your entire screen!

If you’re feeling like a casualty of
wasted time, unlock the premium
Clock Widget, which features the day,
time and local weather as well as the
voice of the wise cracking web-head,

Download here
47 mb

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