Download seekdroid app for Android

Seek droid app worth 5$ is free for a limited time grab it now

Find your phone or tablet anywhere in the world. See your device on a map, set off an audible alarm, wipe the device, and more.

Control the following from there secure website:
– Control Multiple devices under one
account (*)
– Locate your device
– Remotely Enable GPS
– Display its location on a map with
history! (*)
– Track the device using breadcrumbs
– Get notified if the device has left a
in area (*)
– Audible alarm (even on silent)
w/ custom message
– Text Messaging support
– Setup SeekDroid Remotely via SMS
– Lock device w/ custom code
– Retrieve recent calls
– Remotely wipe entire phone
– Remotely wipe SD Card
– Hide from app drawer
– Disable App from being
– Virtually no battery drain
– Works without a SIM Card
– Retrieve SIM ID, IMEI,
active phone number, and battery

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