Download Hot star app and watch free Movies,Tv shows,Sports on Android

Star India has released a new app,that let’s users,enjoy Movies,tv shows and sports on there Android phones,the app is very simple to use,no need to signup or login,just download it and start watching your favorite movies,the app offers free entertainment,no need to pay anything,Just download the app from the playstore and start using it,the app features a very small size and lots of stuffs to entertain us,the app offers TV Shows,Movies,Sports,Channels,Genres etc click on the respective sections in the app to browse through them.

This app will provide you free access to the movies and tv shows,in multiple languages,hotstar also let’s you download the Movie or tv show to watch it after wards,this app will work good for the 2G users too.

App features:-

1)No charges:Pay nothing for watching the shows ,movies and clips in the app,just pay the data charges for your internet connection,the app has a great collection of movies ,tv serials and other stuffs to keep the enjoyment on without limits.

2)Multiple languages:Support for Multiple languages :Hindi,English,malyalam,tamil,Kannada,Marathi,and Bengali,so enjoy you favorite stuffs in your regional language and make it more personalized and loving.

3)Resume:Resume the movies where ever you pause them,no need to remember the time when you paused or forward a movie to locate where you stopped,the movie will resume,where it was paused

4)Playlists:Create playlists and save the content,to watch it as per your specifications,make all your favorite stuffs completely organized in the app to view all the favorites at once.

Currently this app has movies like:Dolly ki doli,Talaash,Shaadi ke Side effects,2 states,Finding fanny,fast and furious 6,Tv shows like ‘Iss pyaar ki kya naam du’,’Diya aur baati hum’,’Ye Rishta kya kehlata hai’ and many more check out the app for a comprehensive list.

How to download Hot star app:

In order to download the app just head to ‘Playstore’ on your phone,in search type Hotstar and download the first app,once you download it open it and explore through the app,you can refer this link to Playstore and download directly.

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