‘Dolby on’ app arrives for android & iOS

Transform your phone into a powerful recording tool with just one tap. Record songs, sounds, instruments, podcasts, rehearsals, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, beats, and more with incredible audio quality! Dolby On is a free recording app with cutting edge Dolby audio technology,Effortlessly record live music and videos with a suite of automatic studio effects including noise reduction, limiting, spatial audio, EQ, and more. With Dolby On, you won’t need to choose between recording quickly or with quality ever again. Say goodbye to background noise, expensive microphones, clunky recording equipment, and studio time.

Never miss a moment, Capture performances, rehearsals, song ideas, riff, licks, lyrics, and more all from your mobile device. You can even livestream directly to your fans with recording quality you won’t believe came from using just your phone, Lose the background noise with Dolby’s original contribution to music: noise reduction. No more electrical hum, amp buzz, or fan noise…,Hear every instrument with Dolby On’s proprietary, dynamic EQ which automatically adapts to your music, and stereo widening which expands your sound beyond mono.

Dolby On app lets you record and livestream with amazing Dolby sound, right from your phone. Dolby sound quality anytime, anywhere. For too long artists had to choose between recording quickly or with quality. The Dolby On app makes it easy to instantly record songs and videos with powerful Dolby audio technology.

Stand out on music platforms like Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram with compression and pro-limiting that optimizes your volume, Color your sound, or go deeper with bass, treble, boost, and track trim controls with our custom-designed Styles — like photo filters for audio.

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