Docomo balance deduction with remaining mb (Resolved)

Docomo has cheaper internet tariff as compared to others ,but here is how they cheat us Docomo charges multi session browsing charges as a result you might have noticed

You have mb remaining in your account but your balance gets 0
When you’ll enquire customer care about this they will say you have clicked a ‘Chargeable’ link ,but this isn’t true ,

The simple trick to avoid this is

Use only a single tab to browse when your Mb gets around 8 or less if you are using from Mobile

And use only one tab on pc if your mb is less than or equal to 20 

And don’t download bcoz idm sends multiple requests to download a single file
Your balance won’t get deducted till last mb is used

To be on safer end ,stop using gprs when you hav 1 mb or less from mobile n 20 mb Or less from pc

Keep checking your mb dialing *111*1#

This type of  problem is faced by many Docomo users I found this on internet

“Today, i recharged with rs. 300 and got
330 talktime. Data balance left with me
was 191 MB . I browsed internet for
downloading a software from which i always use. At
exactly 180 MB, i stopped the download
so as not to get charges. But when i
stop the Internet, what i am shocked to
see is a message that you have been
charged Rs. 333 for your last internet
session, available balance is Rs. 0.07.
The main thing is that my data balance
is yet 11.47 MB left which is 100%
correct(with same validity

To avoid this as we said ,”send only single browsing request when you have less mb “

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