How to Disable Automatic App updates on android

It feels really disturbing and annoying when your android phones starts to update its apps automatically without your permission,you stop one and the other one starts ,Some times the new version is difficult to understand and practice,this causes a lot of irritation,There are some good points to favor Manual app updates:-Its saves time,data and gives you more control over your device

To turn off the updates:-Simply goto the ‘Playstore’ and tap the slide out menu button from the top left corner,click auto update apps option from settings,you will see three options ;’Auto update via wifi’ ,’Auto update via data connection’ and ‘Do not Auto update apps’from there choose the option do not update apps,after you click it the screen will close ,taking you back to the Google Playstore


Now when ever you want to manually update the apps just goto the playstore and click “My apps” from the slide out menu,here you can see the apps available for updates ,you can update all of them or one by one

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