Create Selfie Stickers for What’s app,iMessage and other messenger apps using Sticky app

Sticky uses artificial neural network to help you create your own selfie-stickers incredibly fast! Create still and animated stickers, save them to the sticker pack and share easily to your conversations,Make your chats even funnier!,The app is currently available for the iOS platform and will arrive for android soon,Sticky app features Awesome comic and cartoon-like styles,Bright and colorful backgrounds,A Simple and clean user interface and so on.

The app is currently live for iOS and is expected to arrive for the android platform in few weeks,The app has been launched from the developers of the ‘Prisma’ app that lets users turn their photographs in to cool and creative artworks,Sticky app lets users turn their selfies into stylish or animated stickers.

Sticky app features the auto cut out feature ,that lets users extract the selfie ,excluding the background portion of the image,by toggling with various options users can make the stickers impactful,the app also lets the users to add a white border on their selfie,for a different look.

Airapetyan explains “We trained neural networks to find different objects on a photo/video and even on a live video stream, So basically our trained neural networks are looking for a person on a photo, That’s all we need,Then the app cuts out the background and the sticker is ready,”

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